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Mid-Summer Gourmet Popcorn Sponsored by Samsung

Summer is a season that I adore because it gives me headspace and a sense of inner calm. Time slows down and all the hassles of our busy lifestyles finally go into silent mode for a couple of (much-needed!) weeks. Creativity is tickled and the longing to spend these carefree moments with friends and family in the open air is finally rewarded. This summer is extra special, of course: considering the recent lockdown, any occasion to relax amidst nature seems like a gift, so I've been unconsciously specialising in easy-to-make, picnic food and snacks. On this happy and summery streak, I thought of creating something extra-special for the 10th of August. In Italy, this date is known as the night of San Lorenzo, during which people spend the evening gazing up at the sky, looking for shooting stars.

I wanted to have something straightforward to make but with a personal twist, and since I'm a big fan of gourmet popcorn, it seemed like the perfect occasion to perfect a recipe that had been sitting on my mind for a while now. I'll be using a Samsung microwave for this recipe so I'll be posting all the settings for you to jot down in order to achieve the same result. :)

What better snack to watch the natural show of lights than hot gourmet popcorn just out of the microwave?!

In order to have this recipe ready for the night of San Lorenzo I tested it out this weekend (it's a tough job but someone's got to do it... I'm all for quality control!) and then enjoyed a nice afternoon relaxing and snacking in the garden.

Considering we'll have some friends over the night of the 10th to gaze up at the sky with us, I even set out the microwave on our garden table to check if I could prepare the popcorn outside, without having to miss out on everyone's company (and the occasional shooting star!). I'm quite thrilled about this idea as it lifts the pressure off having to prepare everything beforehand and being able to set out everything outside really gives the whole evening a nice summer vibe.

So here's my second Samsung microwave recipe for you guys: buttered cinnamon and brown sugar gourmet popcorn, to be served warm. The below ingredients will make you about a medium-sized bowl of popcorn. If, like me, you'll be making this recipe for a social occasion, I recommend making a second or third batch once you finish the first one, so as to serve the popcorn at its ideal temperature - just warm out of the microwave. :)


150 grams of corn for popping

50 grams of butter

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

2 spoons of brown sugar


Place your corn kernels and butter in a medium-sized, microwave-safe bowl (this is really important because the bowl will be in the microwave for quite a while as the corn is popping - and you don't want it to crack with the heat). Place the bowl in the microwave and cover it with a microwave-safe plate (again, I stress the importance of the place being microwave safe - you know, the old saying... better safe than sorry). If possible, leave a little space between the edge of the bowl and the plate, so as to let the steam out as the kernels pop.

Set the microwave on 800W for 4 to 5 minutes and make that corn start popping! Your popcorn will be done once the popping noises start to slow down; there will probably be some unpopped kernels left at the bottom of the bowl, but it's best to leave some kernels unpopped rather than risking burnt popcorn. :)

Take the bowl out of the microwave using a kitchen towel, the container is probably going to be hot. Let it cool for about 30 seconds and drizzle on the cinnamon and sugar. Stir and serve while still warm and enjoy!

Note: you can add more cinnamon if you wish; I myself like this amount because it gives the popcorn a nice and delicate aromatic taste without it becoming spicy (I wouldn't want my guests to think they've been unknowingly been set up to a cinnamon challenge!). You can also switch the brown sugar with white sugar if you don't have brown in the house; I like to go for brown because I want to keep my snacks as healthy as possible - plus I find that brown sugar nicely complements the taste of cinnamon, but it's totally up to you which type of sugar to use! :)

That's it, easy peasy gourmet popcorn! Let me know if you've tried this recipe and if you have any suggestions. - Lots of love & popcorn!


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