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Slow Style, Conscious Living: it's (Also) a Wardrobe Choice

The story of a successful team of women, a revolutionary clothing company and the power of quality garments.

Son de Flor conscious wardrobe

Son de Flor is an all-women company founded in Lithuania. Their focus? Making beautiful, timeless pieces that withstand the test of time. Their garments speak of nostalgic beauty and have a dreamy, romantic aura that makes everything Son de Flor almost surreal.

Each of their collections feature staple pieces, such as their classic linen dresses, and some new models that seamlessly and graciously make their way into the Son de Flor world every six months. All pieces remain based on flattering shapes and subtle colours, always with a feminine feel and completely in tune with nature and its seasons. The company's focus is linen fabrics, but some pieces or accessories are also in wool or cotton. Textiles used meet the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, certifying that no harmful chemicals have been used in their production process.

Son de Flor slow fashion dress unpacking

There's nothing revolutionary about this, some might think - but it's the very concept of having the courage and stubbornness to create something so different from what we see portrayed as mainstream fashion, and succeeding, that I think makes Son de Flor one of the most daring companies in the slow fashion world.

Each of their linen and wool pieces amply withstand the test of time, be it quality-wise or stylistically speaking. Conscious of this and aware of the fact that people evolve and change, both mentally and physically, Son de Flor has recently launched a pre-loved section on their website. A bold statement, and a testament to the fact that those at Son de Flor know their dresses can last a lifetime. It's in the new pre-loved section that, with an environmentally friendly gesture, users may find their new favourite dress at a discounted price.

But how does the mechanism work? Owners of well-kept and gently-treated Son de Flor dresses can arrange for a free pickup of the brand's pieces they no longer use. In exchange for each returned dress, they will be given a €50 voucher to spend on any section of the Son de Flor website, including the almost gone section and, you guessed it, the newly inaugurated pre-loved section.

Vaida, one of the company's founders, says "it's something we'd been wanting to do for a long time, it's definitely in line with our company ethics. We know our pieces are high-quality and it would be a shame for them to lie unused in a wardrobe - or worse, to be thrown away - when they could make someone else happy. We hope that our customers will fuel this virtuous circle, making our pre-loved section grow each day. We just kindly ask everyone not to misuse this project for their own financial benefits, as we hide none".

Son de Flor dress detail

The project is currently limited to dresses, but in the future the company may be accepting other Son de Flor garments as well. If you've got some beautiful pieces laying unused, this is your chance to declutter and make someone else happy - maybe with a previous, out of stock style that they might be desperately searching for!

With the holidays nearing, this is a great opportunity to "give" not once, but four times:

  1. it's an act of responsibility towards the environment;

  2. it's an act of generosity towards the person who will choose your pre-owned dress;

  3. it's an act of kindness to yourself, for whom you will be creating more space to think and to evolve;

  4. it can be a beautiful thought for a loved one, to whom you may gift the €50 voucher for Christmas, or directly use it to discount a piece to give as a present.

If, instead, you're new to the world of Son de Flor and would like to try the quality of the products offered by this women-owned company, this is the perfect chance to dive in head-first and do so: browse the pre-loved section and give those fabulous pieces a new, loving home!

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