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Tender-Hearted Chocolate and Hazelnut Teacup Cakes Sponsored by Samsung

If you know me just a tad you're probably aware that there's one thing never lacking in my kitchen: something sweet and home-made. Be it a classic cake, cookies or any type of dessert, my sweet tooth knows no boundaries, even during the busiest of weeks. Baking is my way of relaxing and showing the people around me that I care about them, so I always try to spare some time to experiment in the kitchen. However, with the temperatures currently being in full-on summer mode, I'm finding myself less drawn to making treats that require turning on the oven - I'm sure you can relate.

I've found a way to work around this inconvenience (cooking should be a pleasure, not a sauna!) by creating a series of microwave recipes that look good and taste great... and I can't wait to share them with you.

I use a Samsung Smart Oven microwave for my recipes and it really works a marvel for me; it has an incredible array of functions and modes which I find really make a difference in the end result. I'll post all the settings in the instructions so you can replicate the exact same procedure, although this is actually a really straightforward recipe... overall, I think you'll love it! :)

To start off with this set of easy-to-make, summer microwave recipes (which, personally, I think I'll actually carry through to all seasons, considering they're such time-savers), I wanted to share some flavours that speak of my home region here in Italy, Piemonte.

Piedmont is famous for its hazelnuts; so much so that we even have our own special quality. From hazelnut production to hazelnut everything, you can probably imagine the step was incredibly short; that's why we'll be using chocolate-hazelnut spread for this fast-hack treat.

So here's my first Samsung recipe for you guys, based on just a few simple ingredients and an extremely quick cooking process which I carry out in my Samsung microwave. These tender-hearted hazelnut and chocolate delights will leave your guests nothing short of impressed (if you manage to save some for them, of course).


2 teaspoons of flour

5 full spoons of chocolate-hazelnut spread

2 small eggs

Note: this recipe serves about 4 with small to medium-sized portions. If you're a sweet tooth, go ahead and double the ingredients to make bigger servings; you can even cook these yummies in a big mug or cereal bowl if you want.


The procedure is really straightforward: mix all the ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl and whisk them together until you get a nice and even consistency.

Pour the mix evenly into 4 microwave-safe containers (I used small canning jars because I love how they look, plus the fact that you can see what's inside, but the containers you use to cook these treats is totally up to you). Whatever containers you choose, just make sure they're microwave-safe and that they're big enough to leave the mix enough space to rise while cooking.

Put your treats in the microwave - I like to cook no more than two at a time, as it gives me more control over what's happening. Then set the microwave on Jet Start for 40 seconds and watch the magic happen!

40 seconds should be enough to cook your mug cakes, especially if you like your desserts to be nice and moist, but if your container is thick or maybe you've been a little more generous with your servings, you might want to stop the microwave after the first 40 seconds, let the steam out, and then add an extra 30 seconds.

And that is IT. Bam. Happy microwaving and happy desserts everyone!


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